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I'm no Artist. I'm Simply a DEHMQ 

Dehmq means Face in Armenian, but it's more than that. when you call someone a dehmq you're calling them a unique character. Someone who is in a way silly, enjoys laughing, lives in the moment with a massive smile on their face...a light hearted bright soul. THat's Me! saying that feels nice, but I have a responsibility to be a Dehmq in this lifetime and plan on shining as bright as I can to inspire in any shape or form through my art or just my behavior. I don't paint on one media, I love to explore all realms of art- calligraphy, tattoos, popart, fineart, cartoons, animation, and many more that ill discover as i dance through life.


 We are in this together. let's do this, one laugh at a time. 


 Cherish every moment, you'll never know how special it is until its gone. 

focus on today because tomorrow has its own worries.


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