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No good decision or action is made during panic. A solution: take a chill pill and make your moves with a clear mind. We are all going through tough times so vaccinate yourself with the reminder that; you got this.


You're not alone in this madness. This is the time to adjust, catchup, get ahead, build and rebuild. Keep your loved ones close and don't lose connection with humanity. We forget how close and unified we were becoming as society from the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant. Now, the exact opposite, we are disconneting from one another due to fear. Forget fear and adopt love. You have all the answeres you need. These t-shirts are meant to be a reminder to you and anyone else that everything is going to be okay. This too shall pass like everything else. We have been through far worse, the goal is to not react out of fear and panic. Make your moves with a clear mind. 


Each shirt is hand printed, sewn, and oven baked to perfection by my pops, mum, and me. In moments like this we work together. Theres a bigger picture to this than just fear.   


why oven? it's to cure the paint after silk screening. Also, gets it nice and sterile. 





C O V I D - 19 \\\ T'SHIRT

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns or exchanges are accepted.

    Each shirt is hand printed and sewn, please allow 4- 5 business days for shipping.

    All packaging is carefully sanitized. 

    100% cotton

    unisex t-shirts

    prewashed to reduce shrinkage.

    T-shirts are true to size. The fit is more towards athletic than loose. 

    Ladies I suggest a size smaller, but you make the call. 

    In the photo, the extremely talented model is wearing a Medium. 

    ***Please wash and iron inside out. Please no direct heat on the printed area. 



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