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Things to know about these kicks:

I hand draw these one of one custom made to order. 

**so don't be surprised if the pair I draw for you is a bit different than what you see in these photos.  

Each shoe is unique to you and you only. No one design is copied. 

**consider them one of nones. 

When you wear these Dehmq Vans you are undesrtanding that we are all connected. like my calligraphy design. We share one responsibility to spread our love and joy. life is rough as it is. it's in our control to make it fun. It's as simple as a smile. Try being angry, sad, and complain about something when you're smiling. One simply can't. it's science. Trust you. I wish for you to wear these vans and create some awesome memories in them. Wear them proud. Cheers.

V ª N S \\\ V˚1

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns or exchanges are accepted.

    Make sure all your choices are correct.

    By purchasing these Dehmq Vans you are accepting that each Vans are custom hand drawn by the Artist Dehmq himself. The Vans are a unique one of one pair. The design maybe similar in the essence of the photos but no design is drawn or copied twice. Each pair is unique to you and you only.

    I find these Vans to run a little small so I would go up half a size. 

    Much love. 

    Shipping: your brand new dope kicks will ship in 4-5 business days after order is placed. 

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